Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Just a racket and ball and shoes that don’t have dark soles. The Squash Centre may lend them to you. If you have not played before, ask for some advice.

If you are a beginner ask for an introductory larger ball, or one that is ‘faster’ (e.g. white, blue or red dot) because that will bounce easily for you. As you become more experienced you will be able to use a ‘slower’ ball (e.g. yellow or double yellow dot) that bounces less.

Both players warm up the ball for 4 minutes, changing sides after 2½ minutes. When you win a rally, you win a point. Each game is normally to 11 or 15 points (except if it gets to 10-all or 14-all, one of you must have a 2point lead to win the game). A match can be the best of 3 or 5 games

Whoever wins the spin of the racket serves first. Then serve from each box in turn. The ball must go straight to the front wall and must be above the line across the middle of the court. The ball must come off the front wall to the opposite side of the court (but it can be volleyed before it lands). If you drop or throw the ball and don’t hit it, you can start to serve again. If you swing-and-miss, your opponent now serves.

No. Part of one foot must be touching the floor inside the service-box. No part of that foot can touch any boundary of the box.

The ball must be hit before it bounces twice. The ball must not touch the top line around the court. The ball must not touch the tin – that’s the low area on the front wall, about knee height.

This is when a rally is replayed. It could be because: It’s dangerous to hit the ball, or you accidentally get in each other’s way.

No, not if: Your opponent was not in the way. You could not have played a good shot You could have played the ball, but were a bit lazy. In these cases you lose the point.

You will win the rally if: Your opponent didn’t try hard enough to get out of the way. Your opponent was too close and you could not swing your racket.

In Squash if you hit the ball on one side of your body after the ball has passed behind your body on the other side, it is called “Turning”. It is safer to stop and ask for a let. If you turn and the ball then hits the opponent – your opponent wins the rally. If you turn very quickly and your opponent could not get out of the way – it’s a let.

No, but after every game you can rest for 90 seconds.

Sorry, you have to play on or lose that game. The more you play, the fitter you will become.

After you hit the ball you must move out of the way so your opponent can: See the ball after it comes off the front wall, and Go directly to the ball, and Have space to swing at the ball, and Hit the ball to anywhere on the front wall.

If the ball was going to a side wall first – let. If the ball was going straight to the front wall – stroke.

If the ball breaks during a rally – let. If the ball has an unusual bounce – no let.

It is recommended that all players wear protective eyewear at all times during play.

Please always play in a way that is not dangerous or unfair.

(Extracted from The WorldSquash.org) more info

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